Atlantic Tin Commits to Sustainability with Tin Code

The International Tin Association is pleased to announce that Atlantic Tin, tin-focused mineral exploration and development company and ITA’s Explorers and Developers (E&D) Group Member, has committed to implementing the Tin Code sustainability standard for its Achmachm tin project in Morocco.

This commitment demonstrates Atlantic Tin’s efforts to adopt responsible and sustainable tin mining practices from an early stage during the development of their operation, aligning with the growing global expectations for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in the mining sector.

“This commitment is part of Atlantic Tin’s broader strategy to integrate sustainable development goals into its core operations and contribute positively to the global tin supply chain. By aligning with the ITA’s Tin Code, Atlantic Tin also supports the collective movement towards a more sustainable and equitable future for the tin industry.” Atlantic Tin

“The Tin Code is now available to explorers and developers, and it’s great to see companies making use of it. Atlantic Tin’s commitment to the Tin Code positions them as leaders taking steps towards sustainable practices from early on in their tin project development” said Mayra Díaz del Olmo, ITA Sustainability Standards Manager.

You can find more information about Atlantic Tin and the Achmmach Project here

For more information on the Tin Code for E&D’s and how to participate visit our website.


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