PT Timah Tbk empower local communities through knowledge & training

As part of ongoing ESG efforts, ITA member PT Timah Tbk has recently undertaken a local community initiative to provide educational training on the preservation of mangrove forests to the people of Setunak Island and Karimun Regency in Indonesia.

These areas are characterised by a prominent stretch of pristine mangrove forests which provide many core ecosystem benefits and functionalities. For example, the mangroves provide an optimal breeding environment and habitat to protect marine life such as fish, crabs, shrimp, and shellfish. Mangrove fruit, which can be processed into food and drinks, also provides an opportunity for local MSMEs to earn additional income. The mangrove forests therefore provide many economic and tourism opportunities for the people of Stunak Island and Karimun Regency, the majority of whom work as fishermen.

Realizing the potential of mangrove forests, PT Timah Tbk provided training in mangrove cultivation for the people of Stunak Island in effort to preserve the Mangroves. The mangrove cultivation training carried out by PT Timah Tbk was met with enthusiasm by the community. The chief fisherman of Stunak Apid Island stating that the training and education provided by PT Timah was “very good.” The training provided was also comprehensive not only techniques for sustainable cultivation were taught but the community were also educated on the benefits of preservation and reforestation.

The Indonesian government is currently aiming to undertake several large-scale mangrove conservation and restoration projects across the country and is actively encouraging replanting of mangroves as part of efforts to meet their carbon emission reductions targets. The efforts of PT Timah Tbk have proven valuable as the local community now acknowledge the environmental and economic benefits that could be realised through conservation of the mangrove forests.

PT Timah Tbk continue to empower the local communities through knowledge and training. As an ITA member they participate in the Tin Code which encourages engagement and allows for progressive improvement when necessary. You can read more about some of these initiatives on the news section of the PT Timah website.


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